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Wanderlust: New York

Just thought I’d share some of the wonderful food we had in New York earlier this year. Sure, New York isn’t Toronto, but it’s only a short flight away…and I’ve got to keep reliving these memories, ok?


First stop, breakfast at Clinton St. Baking Co near Bowery:

Clinton St Baking Co pancakes

Clinton St french toastThese pancakes (first picture) are pretty famous. We’d previously seen Clinton St Co. throwdown Bobby Flay’s pancakes, so we figured they’d be pretty good. Prepare yourself for a wait: we got there early on a Saturday and waited for about 35 minutes. Was it worth it? Hell yes. Hands down, these were the best pancakes I’ve ever eaten. The french toast (second picture) was also pretty good, but nothing comes close to those pancakes. I would line up again and again for them.

Next, Magnolia at the Rockefeller Centre:

Magnolia slice
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I’ve got to be honest with you – I can’t remember what this was. I’m thinking a brownie? Whatever it was, it was chewy, chocolaty, and delicious (although I prefer their cupcakes).

Dinner time! Hi, Lombardi’s:

lombardis pizza

Again, another long wait (around 40 minutes) at this long-standing pizzeria in NoLita. Was it worth it? Hard to say…the pizza was very tasty, but not mind-blowing. I’d probably recommend everyone go at least once, but I won’t be rushing back.

Another popular NY institution, Katz’s Deli:

Katz's reuben

Katz’s is basically as popular with tourists as the Empire State Building. It’s crowded, there’s a short line up (not long; 15 minutes), and it’s madness inside.

But the food is incredible.

I will go to Katz’s on every New York visit from now on. The above Reuben sandwich was packed with a ridiculous amount of super-tender pastrami: this stuff was so tender it pulled apart like tissue paper. You won’t find pastrami like this anywhere else. Plus, the atmosphere is quite cool – it’s fun to see the madness that goes on behind the deli counter.

All this salty pastrami had me craving a cupcake from Crumbs:

Crumbs cupcakeCRUMBS cupcakeI’d heard some complaints about Crumbs’ cupcakes. “They’re too sweet.” “They’re too big.” Seriously? These are problems nowadays?

Crumbs’ cupcakes are absolutely massive, but they are super tasty. Yes, they’re sweeter than your average cupcake because they really go all out. These guys are filled, iced, and garnished. The result? A bit of a sugar coma, but whatever. We got a ‘Half and Half’ (Marble cake filled with white butter cream, topped with half vanilla cream cheese frosting mixed with chocolate chip cookie crumbs and half chocolate fudge mixed with brownie pieces and covered with cookie and brownie pieces) and a ‘Cookie Dough’ (Vanilla cake with chocolate fudge filling, covered in vanilla cream cheese frosting, mixed with soft chocolate chip cookie pieces and topped with a chocolate chip cookie).


Another memorable treat was from Alice’s Teacup. We unfortunately didn’t snap a photo of it (I’m guessing because we ate it so fast), but my advice would be to buy their pumpkin scones. Immediately. Unless you want to live a life that doesn’t know what sweet, buttery, spicy love is.

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