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You know how there’s a little tension between Canadians and Americans? Well, maybe not tension, but there’s…something there.

There’s not really the equivalent of that in Australia. Some might think it’s Aussies VS. New Zealanders, but in reality all we do is claim any famous New Zealander is Australian (see: Sam Neil, Anna Paquin).

Te Aro outside

I can now add one other thing that we share with our NZ neighbours: making a fully sick coffee, bro.

We went to Te Aro solely because D had heard they do flat whites. As this is only the second place is the whole of Toronto (that we know of) that makes this coffee drink (similar to a latte, but not as milky), we had to go.

I was pleasantly surprised at Te Aro’s space – first of all, it’s huge! There’s plenty of seating inside, and the street-facing patio is massive.
We grabbed a flat white (D) and a cappucino (me), as well as a salted choc chip cookie (we).

Te Aro cookie and flat white

The cookie was chewy and soft, with massive chunks of chocolate in it – excellent.

The coffees were even better. D’s flat white topped most of the ones he’s had in Australia, and my cappucino is now firmly on my ‘Best Coffee in Toronto’ list.

Forget Sam Neil. New Zealand should be bragging about Te Aro instead.


Te Aro

Coffee Roasters/Cafe

983 Queen St East (between Carlaw & Pape)

P: 416-465-2006


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  1. Melanie says:

    I can’t believe I haven’t been down there yet. I love a flat white! And that cookie looks sick broo;)
    My only worry is that I’ll get hooked on a coffee joint that’s too far from my house to visit everyday…what a tease! But I’m willing to take my chances. Wanna go with me for a repeat visit?

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