Burger’s Priest


The Burger’s Priest has been on our hit list for awhile. What sealed the deal was a recent lunchtime at my workplace.

My co-workers trooped into the kitchen, carrying sacks of burgers and fries from the establishment. I sat there as they chowed down on the most delicious-looking burgers, while my feeble salad looked less and less appealing.

When D and I arrived on a recent Saturday afternoon, we were ready. We’d been warned about lineups, but the slew of people outside the store were mainly just waiting for orders. We ordered a cheeseburger (~$5) and a double (~$7), and got our food in about five minutes.

We ate in the nearby Ashbridges Park (Burger’s Priest does not have eat-in facilities). Our burgers looked downright pornographic:

Burger's Priest cheeseburger


 Burger's Priest Double


It’s like a photo of Men’s Health’s ‘Eat This, Not That’, but a picture of the ‘Not That’ section. Glorious!

The verdict? Do they live up to the hype? Well, sort of. If you’re looking for a bit of a nasty, cut-above-fast-food burger, The Burger’s Priest delivers. The meat patty is super fresh, and I love that, but aside from that – eh. It honestly tastes like a meatier, fresher McDonald’s cheeseburger.

Is that a bad thing? Well no, not necessarily. But why did I pay $5 for this again?

I’m torn. The beef is terrific, the buns are insanely soft, and the folks at the grill work quickly. I guess it’s just down to your expectations: I was expecting more of a ‘gourmet’ burger (along the likes of Big Smoke, or even Hero), and instead it’s like an upscale junk food burger.

There’s a time and a place, though. I’m sure my next Priest visit will involve a hangover.

The Burger’s Priest

Take Out Burgers
1636 Queen St East (Queen & Coxwell)

Closed Sunday

Ph: 647-346-0617


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  1. Mag says:

    Big Smoke is fine, but Hero is garbage–full of fillers, terrible patties. The whole point of burger priest is to do the best classic American burger, so obviously if your more of a toppings person than the actual burger itself it’s not for you.

  2. Dan says:

    Hero more gourmet? If fancy toppings make a burger gourmet so be it, but comparing Hero to the Priest is an insult. Its all about the beef and the Priest tops any burger in the city.

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