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Rebel House burger

When it comes to going out at night, I’m really not a West-Queen-West kind of girl. Plonk me on a patio in a cosy neighbourhood pub, and I’m a happy kid.

That’s why I love The Rebel House in Rosedale. It’s a super-comfortable, casual pub with heaps of seating, a large patio, and friendly staff. And they have excellent beer! And Spearhead on tap! And they’re close to a subway station! Queen may be trendy, but let’s face it: your only transportation option being the streetcar or crawling through traffic in a cab is not appealing.

We went to Rebel House for dinner for the first time recently. D and I were on a mission: we wanted cornbread and wings. So, we ordered the mac and cheese (which came with cornbread – $11.95), as well as a pound of wings ($9.95).

Our pal F was visiting from Australia, and his mission was to try poutine. He ordered it ($8.50), plus a half pound of wings ($5.95).

And what was DD’s mission? The girl wanted some beef. She ordered the Buffalo Burger ($11.95). Easy.

D’s boss had been telling him of the virtues of The Rebel House’s oven-baked wings that afternoon, so we had high hopes. They didn’t disapoint. These wings were absolutely awesome! We dove into the suckers and had the sweet, slightly spicy sauce smeared all over our chins and hands.

Rebel House wings

I like these wings because they’re baked, then grilled. Call me crazy, but in Australia we don’t fry the crap out of our chicken – we cook it really well until it’s falling-off-the-bone tender, then we smother it in a delicious, rich sauce -just how Rebel House have done.

The mac and cheese was ok – I prefer a more old school, yellow-cheese sort of mac, and this version was a bit more grown up with more of a bechamel sauce. The cornbread was fantastic though. Across the table, the poutine and burger disapeared pretty quickly.Rebel House mac and cheese

The four of us kept exclaiming throughout the whole meal how damn good it was. There’s something so satisfying about a sunny patio, a good beer, and a delicious spread of pub grub.

Being able to just waddle up the road, wearing flip flops and dressed casually, isn’t so bad either.


The Rebel House


1068 Yonge St (Yonge & Roxborough, just north of Rosedale station)



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  1. I’ve been there for drinks … I’ll have to head back.

  2. Jess says:

    I’ve always wondered about the Rebel House. Seems like it’s worth trying out!

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