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Lolas biscuit

You probably have a couple of things that you love, but don’t often mix together. Like, your boyfriend and bestie. That could be awkward.
Or cheesecake and french toast. Hmm. We might be on to something now…

The elusive cheesecake-sandwiched-between-french-toast may sound like an urban legend, but fear not, friends: I assure you it is real.

I was tucking into the said dish for brunch at Lola’s Kitchen (formerly Lola’s Commissary), a lovely little restaurant in a big old Victorian house on Church St.

We had made a reservation for 10 (when they opened), and at first I thought that might have been a little too cautious. I was wrong – guys, if you go to Lola’s for brunch, either book first or show up before 10.30. A handful of people were waiting outside when we arrived, and by the time we left not an hour later, the place was packed.

After we were seated by our friendly waiter we were served little bites of rice krispie square – unusual, but tasty. Nothing wrong with a little brunch amuse bouche.

Lolas rice krispie

D ordered the Eggs Benny ($12), which was homemade wholewheat biscuits topped with peameal bacon, poached eggs, and hollandaise sauce. I obviously got the aforementioned Stuffed French Toast ($7).

I’m not sure what I was expecting when I got my dish. Perhaps something fairly innocent – you know, french toast layered with a kind of ‘cheesecake’ sauce; maybe some ricotta thrown in, maybe some cream cheese.

I was not expecting this:

Lolas cheesecake french toast

Cheeky little thing. Yes folks, those are actual slices of cheescake in between the french toast!

I ordered the petite serve, which was just perfect in size – I mean, we can’t
all have cheesecake for breakfast and expect to wake up wih no cellulite, amiright?


The cheescake went really well with the french toast – it sort of acted like an extra thick creamy sauce, with the added delight ofthe occasional graham crumb. The french toast itself was fine – a little on the soggy side, but no big deal.

Lolas eggs benny

Meanwhile I also kept snatching bites of D’s dish. The wholewheat biscuits were crazy good. They tasted so buttery! I thought the roasted potatoes
on the side could have gone with a little longer int he oven, but the main part of his dish was terrific.

Lola’s also serve lunch, and if brunch is anything to go by, I’d say you would be getting a really damn good deal.

I love the ambiance inside too – there is beautiful artwork on the walls, the place is tastfully painted, and it’s cosy but feels sort of classy too. They’ve also got a massive patio/deck out the front that will be terrific in the summer. There is a very cool upstairs area that doesn’t seem to be in use, and I’m crossing my fingers they turn it into a bar.

Lola's Kitchen outside

So the next time you’re eyeing off that tube of cookie dough and that jar of cheeze whiz, think of Lola’s french toast: it can be done.
Lola’s Kitchen


634 Church St (Church & Bloor)

Ph: 416-966-3991

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  1. Melanie says:

    This place sounds great! But I must admit, I can’t decide if I’ll try the french toast first, or the cookie dough and cheese whiz;)

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