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For someone who struggled to find a decent cappucino when she first moved here a year ago, I am now absolutely spoiled for choice.

Why did I not know of places like Bulldog, Sam James, and Dark Horse last year? Thankfully, these guys are now on the map for coffee fanatics.

One such cafe I was delighted to finally visit recently was Dark Horse. We checked out the Queen East location, which is quite large and has a ton of seating. It’s also decorated in a cool, eclectic way, making it a comfortable and welcoming spot to enjoy a brew.

Dark Horse outside

Dark Horse inside

We ordered a 1% cappucino, a latte, and a chocolate chip cookie. Our coffees were excellent; mine was so creamy I could have sworn it was full fat milk in there.

Dark Horse coffees and cookie

I also noticed a very distinct taste in Dark Horse’s coffee. It has an almost fruity, tangy aftertaste. It was quite unusual, and was unlike any coffee I’ve had before.

The cookie was packed with chunks of chocolate and was also pretty good, although be warned: it’s one of those crunchy cookies. I prefer my cookies super-soft and chewy, but to each their own. All you crunchy cookie weirdos lovers out there would like it.

Service at Dark Horse is super-friendly, and is pretty fast given their high turnover of customers. They also have free wi-fi (I think. Either that, or I was leeching off someone else’s. Sorry).

It’s awesome to keep discovering so many brilliant coffee places in Toronto. The only problem is deciding where to go.


Dark Horse Espresso Bar



682 Queen Street East, Toronto

(also in Chinatown and Queen West)




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