Zaza Espresso Bar

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We stopped in at Zaza recently for a quick pick-me-up before we proceeded to massacre the nearby Wholefoods hot bar. Pulled pork was about to be involved, so sustenance was a necessity.

D and I both got skim lattes, which were made quickly and were fantastic – creamy, a nice level of strength, and just the perfect amount of foam. This was excellent Italian-style coffee. My only grip is that $3.95 plus tax, they’re a little on the expensive side.

Zaza gelato

Zaza also sell biscotti and other little treats, and they have a year-round gelato cabinet.┬áThere’s limited seating inside, but in the summer the tiny sidewalk-cum-patio outside contains a few more stools and tables.

Zaza Espresso Bar

Zaza’s latte is definitely going into my top 5 coffees in Toronto list. If you’re in Yorkville – heck, even if you’re not – give the chains a break and pop in.



Espresso Bar


75 Yorkville Ave (Bloor & Bay)


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