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Why is it so hard to find a piece of cake in Toronto? I’m not talking about wandering into Metro and buying a slab of sponge cake, resplendent in mock cream; nor am I talking about visiting a bakery or Dufflet’s and buying a little tart or slice to nibble on.

I’m talking about being able to easily sit down in a cafe and order a coffee and a big slab of cake. I applaud downtown cafes for their current selection of treats, I really do – but guys, you gotta start offering more cake.

Caffe Doria could teach other cafes a thing or two. I visited this popular Rosedale lunch spot a couple of months ago and spied the biggest red velvet cake in the treat cabinet. This thing was HUGE. However, I must have been suffering mild concusion that day, as I didn’t order it. The cake stuck in my mind though, so I dragged D back there on a recent Sunday to try it.

We also got drinks – a latte bowl ($4.25) for him, and a hot ginger pear cider ($3.25) for me. This was actually my first hot cider, and it won’t be the last – it was sweet, hot, peppery, and comforting. D was happily slurping up his massive latte, which was creamy and smooth.

Caffe Doria latte bowl

Caffe Doria ginger pear cider

Then the cake arrived. This sucker was big. The layers of fluffy red sponge cake and creamy white icing were stacked high, and we basically attacked it.
Caffe Doria red velvet cake
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The verdict? Probably one of the best cakes I’ve had in Toronto. The sponge was moist, dense, and had a slight hint of chocolate, while the cream cheese icing had a lovely smooth texture and a tangy flavour.

Awesome cake aside, Caffe Doria is a lovely little spot for a snack or a meal. There’s a large patio, which was still open when I walked past last week, and indoors is a little crowded but feels welcoming and cosy. They offer breakfast as well as as lunch items like salads, pizzas, and paninis.

But don’t worry – cake is an acceptable meal choice too.


Caffe Doria



1094 Yonge St (near Rosedale subway station)




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  1. Melanie says:

    One of my favourite places. And the coffee is DIVINE!

  2. Nothing beats an awesome piece of cake!

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