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Ezra's Pound coffee

I’m pretty sure 90% of the city was out frolicking in the streets last weekend, am I right? The warm Fall weather had everyone wanting to go outside and soak up the sun – me included. I frolicked in the park, chased some bunnies, encouraged new moles forming on my arms, and ended up at Ezra’s Pound’s lovely patio.

This cafe in Little Portugal serves up basic, light meals and snacks, as well as damn good coffee. I ordered an iced latte, and it was so creamy and smooth that it didn’t need any sweetener at all.

Due to all my exuberant bunny chasing and skin cancer-growing, I needed some grub, so I also ordered a baguette with peanut butter (~$2.75). A fresh, soft, doughy baguette came with an overflowing dish of peanut butter. Bread and peanut butter is obviously not rocket science, but when it’s done with good-quality products for a very low price, it’s a thing of beauty.

Ezra peanut butter baguette

The aforementioned patio is a reasonable size, although there’s also plenty of comfortable seating indoors.

This is a great little spot – take advantage of these last few days of patio weather while you can!

Ezra’s Pound



913 Dundas Street West (near Bellwoods Ave)
Toronto, ON M6J 1V9

(647) 346-8448

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