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There are times when you crave salads, full of vegies and nutrients. Sometimes you feel like slurping down a fruity smoothie, maybe with a vitamin supplement thrown in. There are also times when you lean towards light meals, like flavourful soups; relishing the warming comfort of a bowl full of fresh market produce.

Then there are times when you want a big ass burrito.

Bar Burrito has a few locations scattered across Toronto. How did we find ours? We walked past it every day and were constantly tortured by the smells coming from within.

Finally, one day we went in and ordered a regular chicken burrito ($6.99), and a steak burrito ($6.99). There’s also quesadillas from $5.50, tacos from $5.15, as well as fish tacos, nachos, taco salads, chili, and fajitas.

There was a moment of confusion when I walked to the counter to pick up my burrito, and I thought someone had pulled a swifty on me and replaced my meal with an eight pound dumbell. These guys were heavy. And these were the ‘regular’ sized too!

Despite the fact that they weighed as much as a small child, we hoovered our burritos. They were fairly simple – meat, rice, salad, cheese, beans, tortilla – but full of flavour. Sometimes it’s not necessary to go crazy with weird toppings and sauces. Sometimes, it’s fine to just consume a simply made burrito the size of your left thigh.

There’s lots of seating at the Bay & College location, although it’s pretty bar bones: this is not a restaurant. This is not an upmarket fast food cafe. This is a place selling BURRITOS, man. Get in there, get your huge burrito, eat it, and then spend the rest of the night on the couch recovering.

Bar Burrito

736 Bay St

Toronto (Bay & College – Wellesley or Queen’s Park subway station)

Ph: 647 352 4441

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