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Sweet Flour cookie

Confession time: generally, I like to follow the crowd. I wear a lot of Abercrombie & Fitch. I put my peanut butter on bread before the jam. I don’t deviate from Starbucks standard drinks menu.

But cookies? Cookies are a whole different ball game.

I like my baked goods with a bit of spice. I dream up new and different combinations for cakes and brownies. So when I heard that Sweet Flour offered customisable cookies and other treats, I was there faster than you can say “cream butter with sugar”.

Located on a busy stretch of Bloor West, Sweet Flour is a cute little store and has a decent amount of indoor seating. You can order from their ready-made cabinet ($2 for a cookie), or you can customise a cookie, muffin top, granola, or oatmeal bowl.

Sweet Flour muffin top

Let’s just pause here for a moment and praise Sweet Flour for offering muffin TOPS. We all applauded Elaine Benis when she opened Top of the Muffin. Why has it taken 10+ years for someone to follow suit in real life? Say goodbye to dry stumps. The muffin top – unless it’s around your waist – is always in style.

Sweet Flour cookie

We ordered a muffin top on the original base with white chocolate and pecan mix ins, and a cookie with pretzel and butterscotch chip mixins (from memory, around $2.75 each?) The goods are baked in a special oven that cooks them in two minutes. If there’s a bit of a crowd, however, expect a longer delay before you get your cookie.

Given that these cookies are not baked in the ‘usual’ way, it’s understandable that they’ll be a little different. Our customised cookie was a little cakey, but had a nice crispy top. The pretzel and butterscotch combination was brilliant: the perfect mix of sweet and salty. The muffin top sadly didn’t resemble the texture of a muffin top very well. It was actually quite cookie-like; sort of a cake/cookie/brownie hybrid. It was still damn good, but I was disapointed it didn’t have that crunchy shell that muffin tops are known for.

We grabbed an oatmeal-chocolate chip ready-made cookie to take away too. This thick cookie had a terrific chewiness from the oats, and was hearty with just a touch of sweetness. I’m not normally into thick, slightly crunchy cookies, but this one had me considering switching sides.

Cookie Dough Shots!!

Other take-away, ready-made items include granola, hot chocolate kits, and – wait for it – COOKIE DOUGH SHOTS. When I saw these little containers crammed with a bite-sized ball of cookie dough, I just about died (in reality, I held them up and waved them at D triumphantly, yelling “look! COOKIE DOUGH SHOTS!”)

Sweet Flour have proved that it is possible to quickly, easily, and tastily put your own unique twist on an old favourite. They’ve even inspired me to break out of my usual habits – who knows, maybe I’ll start shopping at Hollister instead?

Sweet Flour

Bake Shop & Cafe

2352 Bloor Street W
Toronto, ON M6S 1P3, Canada
(416) 763 2253


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