I think I want to marry Dufflet Rosenberg.

Think about it. She’s business-savvy. She tandem bikes. She wants us to eat more cake. She has a very cool name. And damn – that woman can bake.

I’ve only had Dufflet’s once before, and frankly I can’t remember the experience too clearly because I think I had a heart attack and passed out from the sheer excitement going on in my mouth. Two years have passed since then and I think I have grown stronger and can now handle it. So, D and I put on our elastic pants and took a trip.

The Queen Street West location is small, cosy, and bursting with treats. There are full-sized cakes, mini tarts, cupcakes, bars, slices, some light meals (so D tells me – he claims he saw a breakfast menu?), and coffee.

We ordered a mini butter tart ($1.35), then asked the server for his recommendation. He suggested the blondie ($2.25) or the pink velvet cupcake (around $2?), so we got both. We don’t muck around. We also grabbed coffees – a latte ($2.75) and a cappuccino ($2.75), which were both creamy and had a good flavour.

Butter tart

The butter tart was, as it was back when it made me lose consciousness, nothing short of amazing. The mini tarts have raisins in them, and I do prefer pecans instead, but frankly you could throw kitty litter in there and I’m sure it would still taste good.

Amazing blondie

The blondie was insane. Dotted with marshmallow bits and gooey caramel, it was like a Smore and a blondie had gotten it on and produced a very, very tasty little love child. We enjoyed the pink velvet cupcake later that night, and to my surprise it wasn’t anything like a red velvet cake (as I was expecting). Instead, a delicate strawberry cream cheese frosting covered a cake that tasted like a cross between chocolate and carrot; it had hints of cinnamon and vanilla and paired perfectly with the creamy frosting.

Many local delis and stores stock Dufflet’s products, but it’s definitely worth it to visit an actual store. Until my next visit, I’ll continue planning the wedding, ignoring: the age difference; the fact that we’re both straight females; and the chance for a lifetime of (very happy) heart attacks.


Cafe and Bakery

787 Queen Street West

(for other locations, visit http://www.dufflet.com/html/retail/)

(416) 484-9080


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