The Three Brasseurs

Pulled Pork Sandwich

D has a borderline-obsessive pulled pork addiction. I have a clear obsessive craft beer addiction. We also think that the other looks  more attractive in dim lighting. Thus, The Three Brasseurs was our choice for a recent lunch.

Located across the road from the Eaton Centre, this little pub/restaurant brews its own craft beer right on-site. It’s cosy, a bit dark, and we were immediately greeted by a very friendly waitress. It’s got a bit of a German/European feel to it, and the menu offers everything from poutine, to burgers, to German sausage, to the Alsatian Flammekueche, which resembles a very thin pizza.

D immediately zeroed in on the Pulled Pork Sandwich ($10.99), while I ordered the Three Brewers burger ($11.99). Little did he know we would be sharing them both. Oh, the perks of being in a couple. And, since it was midday on a Thursday and neither of us were working yet, we ordered a Brown Ale and a White Ale ($5.75 for pints).

The Brown Ale was fantastic – sweet, but not as heavy as a lot of dark ales are. This would be good for people who are just starting to get into stouts and dark ales. D’s White Ale was also delicious, and had a lovely herby smell and citrus flavour. We can’t wait to go back and try the La Bella Province, which is refermented with maple.

The Three Brewers burger (above) was tasty, if not a little ordinary. The pulled pork sandwich will likely go down in history as the fourth best day of my life. The pork was sweet, smokey, and so tender. The accompanying cheese and grilled onions were all it needed, and the bun was super, super soft. Both meals came with fries on the side, which were fine.

If you’re after a cosy place for a pub-like meal, get over to The Three Brasseurs. Fantastic pulled pork, good craft beer, and a more attractive-looking spouse: what more could you want?

Les 3 Brasseurs

Brew Pub & Restaurant

275 Yonge St, Toronto

(locations also in Quebec)


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    ooOOOoo! I wanna go there : D

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