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While I enjoy grooming myself and wearing pretty clothes, occasionally I resemble a bag lady. Case in point: yesterday, when I had just left the gym and was sweaty, red-faced, stringy-haired, and wearing snow pants and a big red coat over my gym clothes. Normally, this wouldn’t bother me. But we were on our way to Jet Fuel.


“They only serve you if you’re cool,” our landlord had warned us. “If you look like a square, they won’t serve you.” With this in mind, we apprehensively lined up in the already bustling coffee shop.

While the people working the barista machine did indeed have that cool, effortless, polished-yet-scruffy look, they obviously didn’t discriminate as they promptly served D a latte, a ‘skim’ cappucino (no non-fat milk, just 2%), and a cranberry-raspberry muffin.

The speed that the staff work through the line is impressive. D’s latte was amazing – hands down the best latte I’ve had in Toronto. On the first sip, I was damn pleased with my cappucino – but after a few sips, the coffee tasted incredibly strong. I pushed back the mounds of froth and the coffee colour was indeed very dark. Great froth, but they could have put a bit more hot milk in first.

Monster Latte

The muffin was fine, but I think it was a ‘healthy’ muffin, as it had an odd texture and wasn’t very sweet. Their treats change daily (I went back the next day and had a crispy and buttery apple danish for $1), and lord knows the whole range of drinks they offer – Jet Fuel is so cool they don’t even need a menu. They’re also ridiculously cheap – a large coffee, a regular coffee, and a muffin was $6 in total. And D’s large latte was HUGE.

I’ve read a lot of apprehensive reviews about Jet Fuel, and can’t really understand what the problem is. Yeah, having no menu is a bit annoying. And yes, the baristas aren’t Starbucks-bubbly and tend to treat regulars with more warmth. But who cares? Personally, I don’t have a problem with looking like a dickhead in a ‘cool’ space – I really don’t care if my coffee choice is criticized or if I have to ask how much a latte is.

Take your un-cool self over there, grab a fantastic latte, and don’t even think of asking for non fat.

Jet Fuel


519 Parliament Street
(416) 968-9982

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