Craft Burger (AKA Big Smoke)

Big Smoke

I’ve got a bit of a blue cheese problem. I’m known to peruse the cheese aisle in supermarkets, picking up the different blue cheese varieties and giving them all big whiffs, my nose right on the package. I also am content to sit by myself after eating blue cheese, quietly minding my own business and smelling my fingers repeatedly.

It was pretty inevitable then that my eyes immediately were drawn to the ‘Craft Blue’ burger at Craft Burgers.The fact that Craft’s burgers are handmade fresh to order just sweetened the deal.The Craft Blue ($6.95) was a thick grilled beef patty covered in Gorgonzola, as well as avocado, salad, and rosemary garlic mayo. D went with the ‘Big Smoke’ ($7.25), which had horseradish mayo, caramelized onions, smoked cheddar, tomato, and lettuce. We also paid an extra $3.50 to make one of the burgers a combo with a soda and the biggest onion rings known to man.


The Craft Blue will satisfy any blue cheese lover. The strong Gorgonzola was balanced nicely with the avocado, and I loved the slight char the patties had – the meat was perfectly cooked inside yet had that great smokey flavour on the outside. D’s Big Smoke was also tasty, again with the cheese pushing the flavour over the top. We loved the buns too (TWSS; they were soft and chewy, and big enough to hold the filling together without making you feel too carb-ified. The onion rings were a little on the greasy side, but were perfectly cooked and tasty.

Big Smoke Burger + Onion Rings

Service is friendly and swift, and the interior is clean and bright with plenty of seating. So far, Craft are winning in my book for the best burger in Toronto. I therefore showed my respect by saving my finger-sniffing for when I got home.

Craft Burgers

573 King St West
Toronto, M5V 1M1
(also at Yonge St, and at King St East)

416 596 6660

Open for lunch and dinner, Monday-Friday

UPDATE: Craft is know known as ‘Big Smoke Burger’!

UPDATE: Big Smoke Burger is coming to Eaton Centre Food Court soon!

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  1. Stella Yu says:

    Like you, I KNEW I was going to get the Craft Blue before I even went! =) I ♥ blue cheese~ Their onion rings are indeed, very big and…awesome! Too bad my burger ended up a bit on the drier side =(

  2. Yay! Another blue cheese lover. The onion rings are intense aren’t they!

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